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United States - Itinerary

Organize a coast to coast in the United States

The myth of the coast to coast, the dream of any US enthusiast. Literature and cinema have always contributed to strengthening this journey as a symbol of freedom, unconsciousness and rebellion.
I think everyone, at least once, dreamed of leaving the east coast to reach California. A car, a couple of good friends and the infinite in front.

The beat generation, but in particular Jack Kerouac with his “On The Road” has begun this dream that does not and can not be considered as a simple holiday, driven by the only desire to discover the unknown; The purpose is also to know oneself, to make a journey that can become a metaphor of life, a rise towards light, towards the sun of California. That’s why the classic coast costs part from the east and arrives in the upright state of the oranges.
You may not share this perhaps too philosophical interpretation of what might be your next trip but believe me, on the road is a philosophy of life and not everyone is attracted to; Many will do the same but for them it will be just one of the many holidays; Others may enjoy it full, even unexpectedly, and that experience will remain forever in your soul.

Whatever the reason that prompted you to look for information about CTC, for sure the problem you want to solve is that of a lack of information at the most practical level, let’s see how to fix the problem and figure out how to organize the coast to coast!

City of Departure / Arrival

The very first thing is to define the two extremes of the itinerary, the starting and arrival cities. Many choose New York and San Francisco but of course they are free to depart and arrive at different locations.

Duration of the trip

Once you understand where you are going from and where you will arrive it is time to define the overall length of the itinerary, this is to be determined in combination with the next step, ie the steps to be taken and the attractions to visit. You will need to consider that you could stop for more than a day in various locations, either to visit them in depth or to rest. On average, a minimum of 25 days is required for a coast to coast route, if you have the most time available.

Steps to do

Map and guides in your hand go first to understand what you want to see, cities, parks … this way you can make a roadmap to indicate the steps to be taken. Do not be too precise because often you will not be able to run the route exactly as you planned it. Create your map with points not to be missed, around these and onsite you will build your travel itinerary and you will decide once on the road where to stop sleeping.

Travel Documents

Before definitively organizing the trip, it is good to inquire about the documents that will be needed for the trip: passport, visa, visa, Italian and international driving license, credit card to book the car …


The time of booking arrives, you start with the flight (s) first. You can, for example, decide to book an a / r from the same city (eg New York) plus an Inner (eg San Francisco – Los Angeles), which usually goes for the major. Once defined it is time to hire the vehicle, which will have to be adjusted to the number of people: avoiding cars too small, they have to be comfortable because it is inside that you will spend most of the trip. Then book the first or the first nights at the hotel, without forgetting the travel insurance.

The main stages touched by the proposed tour are Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Tennesse, Texas, Albuquerque, Canyon de Chelly N.P., Grand Canyon N.P., Las Vegas, Yosemite, Napa Valley, San Francisco.
You will see many different types of landscapes and many different ways of living, a unique experience you will never forget.
We move to the part of the travel organization.

First, I invite you to follow our pre-trip guides (Before Departing, Incoming Documents, Health Insurance) that will help you to “lay bases” for your departure; The duration of such a trip is 25 days, then it depends on the steps you are going to make.
Decide on the travel route, what attractions and cities you want to visit, especially the departure and arrival cities. Suppose you’ve chosen Boston as the beginning and San Francisco as an end.
Reserve a roundtrip flight from Boston to Boston, then book one of Boston’s departing San Franisco flights from where you will go back to Italy; Booking two one-way flights between Italy-Boston and San Francisco-Italy costs impressive figures, so you need to do the internal flight.
Rent a car (or motorbike) via the web, take it easy, because you’ll have to get around miles and remember to enter that you’ll pick it up in Boston and leave it in San Francisco; Obviously this will result in a substantial supplement. Children under 25 may have to pay a daily allowance.