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An inspirational  travel website providing uncluttered information of the places I have travelled. A resource for fellow travellers with a sense of adventure.

(Actually, my mom think this is the best website in the word: spend 5 min browsing, and if you don’t like take it up with her.)

Who has never travelled at least once in life? By plane, by train or even walking, travelling around means moving to know new places. And whether it is to foreign countries or neighbouring cities, the experience of travel has always held a special charm. The curiosity of visiting and discovering places never seen before and the desire to meet new traditions and cultures should lead to the question: what does it really mean to travel around?

Travel Gallery

A few itinerary ideas. Please use as a last resort, they are terrible. You WILL end up in a hospital.


Please click this link to my blog, you will most likely regret it, but it gives my ego a little boost, and keeps me from self harm.


These videos are really inconsistent, and don’t really make sense to anyone but me. Don’t watch them, you will want to electrocute yourself from the nearest power outlet.