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One of the countries in Asia that is gaining in popularity among volunteers is India. India is a land of many opportunities for volunteers.

Various organizations including Volunteering India offer different programs for those interested to volunteer in the country. Volunteer placements are widely scattered in different regions, cities and towns. They are also open to individual or group volunteers. Furthermore, most of these programs do not require special education, skill or training to be a volunteer.

Volunteer opportunities in India are especially popular among students in their gap year. As there are many programs to choose from, it can be challenging to choose a volunteer program. We can help you out in making a decision by our top 5 popular volunteer programs in India that you might consider:

1. Street Children Program

One of the programs you could choose on your gap year in India is the street children program. It is estimated that there are over 100 million street children in India. There are composed mostly of runaways and abandoned children. Many of these children are no longer attending school. With a hard life as children, it can be hard to imagine how these orphans are surviving. Thankfully, there are street children care centers in various places in India which help the children in their needs. Volunteer in these facilities can bring a smile to these children by organizing fun activities, teaching children basic skills and education, and feeding children.

2. Women Empowerment Program

Many women in India have experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Many of them also experienced discrimination at work, in the society, and even in their own family. There are NGOs that help these underprivileged women by providing skills training, literacy classes and income generating activities for them. Volunteers are greatly needed in this effort. You could assist in the different aspects of these women empowerment projects like in providing training classes and many others.

3. Orphanage Program

Many orphans and poor children in India call orphanages their home. In these orphanages, they are given their daily needs such as food, shelter, clothing, education and best of all, the love and affection which they may not have experienced. You can do as much when you participate in this program and be a part of this noble effort to care for the needy orphans.

4. Community Development Program

Community development is about developing a poor community to sustain its people. This program may involve helping build a village school or health center, or helping families have an income-generating project. The project for each community development varies depending on the NGO you are working with.

5. Healthcare Program

The healthcare program or popularly known as medical program is open to volunteers who are into the medical profession or have a degree. You can get a placement in hospitals or clinics where you will help the poor and sick while enhancing your medical knowledge.

There are many other programs that you could choose when you spend your gap year in India. The different volunteer opportunities in India can give you an opportunity to serve and get to know more about the country and its people. Visit Volunteering India to learn more of other India volunteer opportunities.


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