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A tourist London you may feel like a small child lost in a huge park when it comes to places to eat or to have a cup of coffee. Of course there are not a lot of things that could be messed with the coffee but anyway. Undoubtedly, London is famous with its thousands restaurants full with different types of cuisine from all over the world. Be sure that one year certainly won’t be enough for you to visit all that food paradises, but surely like the most things it has two sides – good and bad, this city also has a lot of places which are black corners.  So before going out and locking the front door of your rent holiday apartment London, just grab a city guide where the best places are marked. In case you don’t have such on your disposal, keep in mind the below 5 places which should be avoided.

1) Mc Donald’s is the winner of that chart although for some people eating there is a way of living and I am pretty sure that non of them will miss to try it in London. After all Mc Donalds is a religion for so many people from different ages.

2) Ask is a pizza and restaurant chain spread all over the English capital but despite the fancy design the food in far from delicious.

3) Next one is also quite famous pizza chain Pizza Express which owns pretty large amount of franchise restaurants all over the city but again the place won’t impress you neither with its atmosphere nor with the food.

4) Nando’s is another franchise chain which is not very recommended. It is specialized in all kinds of chicken dishes and the company’s origin is from South Africa and Mozambic.

5) Angus Steak House is another pretty popular place in London, like locals said the restaurants are like mushrooms, growing, after the rain, on every corner. But those who have been there are familiar with the high prices, small portions, awful services and ridiculous charges on the final bill.


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