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Until 5th of August in Gagosian Britannia St we are be able to visit Takashi Murakami Art Gallery at West London. Takashi Murakami born in Tokyo is a prolific contemporary Japanese artist who works in both fine arts media such as painting as well as digital and commercial media. A giant woman tried to escape of her huge breasts while a lighting dress nurse holds out a hypothermic. It is time to receive your dosage on one hand on the other she is trying to catch the Bible and if you didn’t notice Mr Big Mushroom, the giant phallus and Miss Clamm, the smiling silver vulva, staring at you.


I could describe it as teenage fantasy or Manga nightmare of aluminium or plastic monsters. Of course it could never be cause real panic but maybe a drop of embarrassment to the conservative women and less to the gentlemen. As long as we are able to understand the reality part of life this is a sexuality artistic expression were including all part of human beings imagination, toys meet nannies in a skinny outfit, which is totally accepted it .

Boundless option of the world of Murakami correlate two dimensions, decorate and enliven one uncoloured part and reduces the potential artist message with light cover of embarrassment bodies, without hair and avoid dangerous. There is also a distinguish line between the girls from east and west as represent on his highlight art, a mixture of complexity and misunderstanding.


This delicate range of artistic and shyness presented the report in London and leave rent holiday apartment London the tour in the abyss of relaxation. Due to your stay in holiday apartment London you would be able to taking part even more easily on popular events and festivals.


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