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Scotland is Perfect for Everyone

As many already know, the weather of Scotland is quite unpredictable. Although it is considered somewhat volatile at times, people often complain about the wind more than anything. Thus, when you are planning a trip to this wonderful country, make sure you bring clothing to accommodate nearly every type of weather.

Feeling somewhat deluged by the idea of having to pack up for an entire year of university abroad, the only thing that kept me going during this time was the thought of staying at my favourite Scottish highland hotel for a couple of days as they finished the necessary preparations on my campus living quarters.

Student want something more from academic experience, other than countless hours spent in the library, stuffy classrooms, and mind numbing evenings of studying. For this reason, Scotland seemed like the perfect choice to study abroad.

I have been to Scotland a couple of times in my life, which made the decision to call it home for a year much easier. Yet, if you or anyone else that you are aware of is considering a term abroad, I would strongly encourage them to look into some of the programs that are available in Scotland. Many of the institutions are world renowned, often receiving more funding than many of the American universities.

If you are looking for a great place to vacation, Glasgow is perhaps your best choice, as it offers guests an unmatched amount of attractions. I am well aware of one particular Central Glasgow hotel that is more than willing to bend over backwards to satisfy your every need, but apparently this is commonplace in Scotland. The people of Scotland are some of the most warm and welcoming people that I have ever met. Thus, whether you will be joining me for the upcoming term, vacationing, or conducting business, Scotland is a place that offers more than you would expect.

Scotland Sunset

I can not stress enough how beautiful the sunsets are in Scotland. I have been here for nearly a month and I still find them absolutely breath taking, despite how cold it can get at night. My husband and I have checked ourselves into a Hotel breaks Scotland for a much needed vacation; alright, perhaps it does not qualify as a vacation, since the trip will last about 4 months. Work, routine, and all the issues that arise with adulthood have proven to be too much at the moment, thus we have decided to slow things down and focus on what truly matters to us, each other.

We have been planning this trip for nearly two years, grooming the details with a fine toothed comb to ensure that everything runs according to plan;

the Hotel Dunkeld was a second option, although we are very happy with our current hotel. While, for the most part, everything is operating as it should, there have been a few minor hiccups along the way; these are not worth mentioning, in light of how terrific our current situation is.

Back to the sunsets. Our hotels bedroom window overlooks a bay, which allows us to view this spectacular sight ever night that it is clear, which has been about 80% of the time so far. The colours that are the result of the last remaining beams of light reflecting off the water is something that would be enjoyed by nearly anyone with a soul. There is just something about this situation that gives an individual hope for the future. The feeling that everything will one day slow down, and become more manageable. Whether or not this is actually true or not, I will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I will sit and enjoy the sunset at my Short break Scotland hotel, with tea in hand. If you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods, make sure that you reserve a spot at this hotel to enjoy what I am currently seeing.

Wearing History in Edinburgh: The Kilt

Scotland holds many alluring myths and legends. The landscape itself is a testament to wild and untamed nature that seems to be at the heart of Scottish history. The memorable and stirring images of Mel Gibson as Robert Wallace preparing to best the English in the film Braveheart is at the heart of such an association, and the myth of Scottish warrior is continued through this. One aspect of the Braveheart image is the wearing of a kilt by Wallace. What may today look fancy and formal, he pulls it off as practical and rugged.

So what’s the deal with the kilt? How important and significant is it really?

In order to find out more about kilts, a trip to Edinburgh is a good to place to start. Staying in one of the Princes Street hotels Edinburgh has will put you in close proximity to kiltmakers such as Kinloch Anderson and Geoffrey (Tailor), both bespoke makers of the garment who are skilled at the art. So now you can buy one, but what does it mean? Kilts emerged as clothing choice in the 16th century, though originally it was a full-length garment with an upper half that could be pulled over the head.

Made of wool, the fabric provided protection from the elements. Today, kilts are commonly worn for special occasions such as weddings and other formal events, though many different military regiments also feature the killed as their formal uniform. Kilts are always made with a plaid woollen material and the striped must always vertical and horizontal. The tendency to want to associate a certain kind of plaid with a clan was something that came out the Victorian era and increase of interest in family history; however it known that the clan association is not so much class or family based, but more geographical, meaning that there is no value association for the wearer.

To get the full kilt experience, in a luxury Edinburgh hotel will be the perfect place to explore the history and meaning of such a legendary garment. Once you have settled on your kilt, a walk through highlands is a must—or at least a ramble ‘round Holyrood Park.


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