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When you’re on holiday it’s easy to spoil your children; however, drastic changes to their diet could not only be extremely unhealthy, but could leave them bed ridden. Although it’s okay to let your children eat a bit of junk every now and then, it’s important not to let them over-indulge.

Cook foreign meals at home

Getting your kids to stop thinking about McDonalds and other fast food restaurants is tough. If you’re going to a destination that has different cuisine to what your children usually eat, try cooking a few local dishes in the weeks leading up to the holiday. When your children know what food and drink to expect they’ll be more inclined to try it.

Bring multivitamin tablets

When you eat out it can be difficult for your children to consume the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Play it safe and bring multivitamin tablets with you. One capsule or tablet per day should be more than enough to ensure they are getting the required amount of nutrients.

Only order diet drinks

Although diet drinks aren’t always healthy, they are certainly a lot better than full calorie drinks. Order your children diet drinks whenever possible, or better still, pure water. Children get the vast majority of their sugar intake from fizzy drinks, and the last thing you need is a child with a sugar rush in a foreign country.

Don’t over-schedule

When you’re on holiday you’ll want to make the most out of your time. Don’t create an over-ambitious schedule that you’ll struggle to keep. If you’ve got little ones, remember their nap times and make sure you schedule around them. Not having enough downtime can lead to a weak immune system, especially in young children.

Keep everybody hydrated

Always have a water bottle handy for both you and your children. Good hydration reduces the chance of heat stroke and other illnesses. If you’re going to a country that has poor water sanitation, buy bottled water and tell your kids not to drink from the taps.

Don’t forget fruit and veg

Instead of ordering fries for your kids when you’re eating out, order a side salad. For desert, resist the temptation to feed your children ice cream, no matter how much they beg. Giving them a fruit salad is a much healthier alternative and will also help to keep them stay hydrated.

Don’t always take public transport

Try to get your kids to stay on their feet as much as you can. If attractions are nearby take a family walk instead of driving or taking public transport. Try to book accommodation that has a swimming pool. When your kids are playing they’ll be burning off calories without even realizing.

Don’t let your children get the better of you. They’ll probably beg you for ice cream and make a fuss when they don’t have their way, just hold your ground and they’ll come around. Healthy children lead to happy children.


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