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Despite having a reputation for being a stodgy formal city, full of old men smoking cigars and sipping pints of lager in panel walled pubs, London can be an extremely exciting place, even for young people. Despite that reputation there are tons of things to do for families with young ones and following are several of the things than can keep your young ones occupied and happy.

A great place to start to get them wound up and excited about being dragged along on mum and dad’s vacation is the London Zoo. Rated as one of the best in the world, the Zoo boasts hundreds of things to see and do, and your kids will be guaranteed to find their love of animals heightened, if not just blown through the roof. The best part about this zoo is the attention they have paid the interests of their younger visitors. Not only is there a petting zoo of the highest quality, there is also a Butterfly Pavilion where they can walk around amidst a tornado of the colorful insects. If they are quiet long enough and stand still, the butterflies will often land on them making some of the best photo opportunities of the entire day.

The London Zoo is one of the largest in the world and is certainly the oldest, and there is so much to see and do here, that your kids will want to return immediately. You can’t take it all in, in a single day, so why try? Schedule a few extra days to look around and if you find a holiday apartment London will not only be a bit more affordable, but more accessible as well. It you can find a short term rental London becomes less a vacation spot than a base of operations, from which to launch your adventures throughout the city.


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