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When you are going on vacation what kind of transportation do you prefer? This is a dilemma that will always “collect” different opinions. More or less it is a matter of personal choice, understandings and financial opportunities. Of course, to travel with car has a lot of advantages no matter where you are. One of the most amazing travel roads are located in the country of Spain. Despite the high percentage of road accidents, Spain remains the place with the shiniest roads.

To travel around Spain by car could be one inspired journey, because there are many cities which are full with ancient history. Especially in Barcelona, the access to most of the buildings is easier with a car. If you book vacation rental in Barcelona, look for parking lots, because it is obligatory to have a perked car.

The most important thing as a tourist with a car is to understand where you want to go straightly, because it is a big country. Also, have in mind the fuel expense, because the prices per liter in Spain are expensive. I am talking about something like 1Euro and 70 cents per liter for benzine and 1Euro 80cents for diesel.

Also, read the road laws and speed limitation, because the police in whole Spain have no mercy. But, to travel across Spain is like to travel on a cruise. The marvelous combination between mountain hills and sea coast make the countryside memorable.

Don`t worry about the accommodation, because around the Spain there are plenty of places to stay in a good place. One of the lowest is for the short term rentals Barcelona apartments.



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