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Sea is the passion for many people from almost all ages. They could not be divided into groups assuming from their profession, lifestyle, annual income, etc but one is for sure the love to this natural beauty which is incorporating them. There are existing hundreds if charts which are rating the best beaches all over the world so it won’t be something new but slight reminder that can help you to plane your next vacation spot. All of the continents in the world which have borders with water no matter whether this is the sea or the ocean could be proud with unique coast lines.

The top is still fro the below destinations:

The Cuba’s Guillermo beaches are like a small paradise here on Earth once you’ve been there you don’t want to leave.

The Seychelles island turned into the fairytale of every dreamer.

The Bora Bora is another island archipelagos promising unique moments in its bungalows with glass floors located in the sea water.


The Caribbean island another dreaming spot perfect for few days run away all year.

The European coast also should not be underestimated but the first place is still for the South America and Australian’s Bondi breach and Wineglass bays which are the favorite places for surf lovers.



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