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Visitors to London spend tons of time trying to figure out what to do during the day, but often they neglect all of the offerings you can find after hours, aside from drinking, that is. One of the most unique experiences London has to offer is a treat for people of all ages. Taking some time to visit the Peter Harrison planetarium is sure to provide some great memories. You’ll find the planetarium at the home of the mother of all time zones, as the Prime Meridian line originates at this Greenwich location, as does The Greenwich Mean Time at the Royal Observatory.

You have probably never seen the nighttime sky like this, and the view will astound you. There are a series of exhibitions to peruse while you are waiting for it to get dark. You can learn how the universe was formed, you can try your hand as an astronomer or you could choose to captain your very own space mission. You could take a full day here and wait for the nighttime sky to reveal itself, and what’s so great about it, is that its free to enter although there is a nominal charge for many of the live shows.The London Planetarium

The best by far is the live show offered by one of the Royal Observatory Astronomers. He will guide you through a tour of the nighttime sky during what’s known as the Night Sky Tour. But this is only one of the many astronomical presentations you can find throughout London, so your best bet is to take your time seeing the great city. From a holiday apartment London becomes a second home and if you can secure short term rentals London is much more affordable and you won’t be rushed to see the City and all its scientific wonders.


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