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I am pretty sure that every tourist needs to know more about every country. This includes also useful tips for those who want to take maximum advantage from the territory. Today, people want to know more about hot countries and be able to find appropriate beach location where they can chill. For sure, Spain is one of those countries.

One of the biggest tips is not to miss the so famous Siesta. You cannot skip to notice how many people between the age of 21 and 60 participate. The Siesta Time is like the second New Year for the Spanish people.
Tips For Travelling Around Spain (2)

Also, you have to pay attention on the Sidewalk Rules. No matter where you are walking, have in mind this, that people there will not make you space to pass between them, they are like a wall. This is something uncomfortable, but this is the way. In Barcelona for example, this is something normally and people push you like you are in New York. If you don`t prefer the traffic stay peacefully in the vacation rental in Barcelona. Also, this is a good way to escape from the summer heats.Tips For Travelling Around Spain (1)

Last, but not least is the so called “menu of the day”. These menus are normally in front the restaurant doors and provide first, second course, together with  a dessert and beverages. These are the traditional meals and always on good prices. Have in mind this information, try to avoid unpleasant for eating things like pizza and paellas, especially in restaurants. Again, in Barcelona things are not the same. When you choose the short term rentals Barcelona apartments look for fast food or restaurants.


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