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There is no better way to cool off after a long afternoon of shopping or walking through endless halls of stuffy museums (if you’re a kid) that a great big old splash down at Alton Towers. Show the youngsters that you care about them too, and are willing to take a break from your interests to let them have a little fun.

Alton Towers

Alton Towers is the second most popular theme park in the country and for good reason. It is the main offering of the entertainment corporation of Merlin Entertainment and the park is a mammoth complex with 29 rides, 5 water rides and 7 unique roller coasters. The most popular rides in the place are Rita – The Queen of Speed, Oblivion, and Nemesis. This entertainment mecca is over 500 acres of fun and thrills and it is divided into zones such as Tower Street, Mutiny bay, Forbidden Valley, Ug Land, Cloud Cuckoo Land, X-Sector, Story land and Old MacDonald’s Farm. With nutty names like these you can only image the fun the youngsters will have when they are set loose in this fun play land. The adults might even have a blast too, if they still have that child inside them. If not there are plenty of places to take breaks for refreshments and benches from which to watch the kid do their thing.

Alton Towers

This is one of those places that can bring you back the days when you were young, but you’ll want to schedule enough time so you don’t have to rush the kids. If they’re having fun, you can have fun too. Its easy to secure holiday apartments in London, and it’s a great way to save money on transportation if you find one that is close to the main attractions you’ll visit. If you find short term rentals London becomes a lot more affordable, and to the kids will London will just feel like a second home.



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