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Everyone’s talking about Croatia, the hot new European beach getaway.

Fast regaining its pre-war popularity, the Croatian Riviera is defined by blue seas, gorgeous pebbly beaches, rolling green hills, golden Renaissance cities and delightful informal resorts — all at considerably greater value and with far fewer crowds than most European hotspots.

With more than 1700 kilometres of natural Adriatic coastline, hundreds of little islands, and one of the sunniest climates in Europe, Croatia is a stunning and enchanting land with a fascinating culture and friendly locals. Indeed, the Croatian Riviera is one of the few remaining truly unspoilt regions of the Mediterranean — a place where the sea and sky collide in a single brilliant blue.

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Known for its extremely clean, clear waters, the Croatian coast has a preponderance of limestone and dolomite cliffs, which creates an unusually indented coastline with many sheltered bays, inlets, peninsulas and capes, and a highly diversified landscape. Instead of long, sandy beaches, the coast is mostly rocky, with some shingle or pebble beaches, though sandy beaches can be found on some of the islands.

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Dubrovnik through arch The summer season is alive with possibilities. Summer festivals are held in a number of towns, and there are also a variety of excellent organised excursions. Hydrofoils regularly operate along the coast. Local buses offer a flavour of local life and run efficiently and cheaply. Taxis cost similar to the UK. And car hire is a good idea in order to see more of the region.

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With more than 400 species of fish in Croatian waters, culinary options in Croatia include many speciality fish dishes, including the famous black rice with squid, red mullet, gilt-headed bream, scampi, mussels, lobster, and in the south, oysters from the famous oyster beds at Ston, north of Dubrovnik.

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Grilled meat dishes are also popular, including such specialities as cevapcici, a kind of kebab. Pasta and pizza are common throughout Croatia, especially in the north, where the food has strong Italian influences. Croatia is also famous for its excellent wines, the product of an ancient wine-growing tradition.

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