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Sunning, sightseeing and shopping are all essential parts of any holiday, but it’s the food you’ll enjoy when you’re away that will truly enhance the experience of visiting another country. Leisurely coffees at pavement cafés, lunches of fresh fish, salads and local wines at beach-side restaurants, and unhurried candlelit dinners in beamed inns or vine-covered courtyards all contribute to the atmosphere and memories you’ll treasure on your European getaway.

wine taster Whatever the setting, you’ll learn more about the culture of the country you’re visiting by sampling its traditional fare. Herewith, a guide to some of the delicious food and drink you’ll discover in Europe’s leading gastronomic centres. Of course, some of this cuisine is so tasty and popular that it’s now available in the UK, but nothing compares to the freshness, variety and especially the ambience you’ll enjoy in each authentic country.

If you love good food — and who doesn’t? — what more reason do you need to book a holiday?

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